Schooling versus Education

Schooling versus Education has been question of great discussions, debates, learnings, some tears and many joys at Nagole in the past five years.

Initiated by Babugaru, it lead to the Home schooling of a group of children of devotees, who had been up to then going to regular, well-established public schools in the city. As Babugaru laughingly puts it, coming from a family background of no schooling,( his father and grand father did not have formal schooling - and who are well known erudite scholars and doctors, to say the least), he was the first to experience the misery of going to school. It is in his very genes to oppose formal schooling.  Sri Ananthacharya Gurukulam, in the line of ancient, advanced education system practiced in our country, came into existence. The students of this Gurukulam are our pride and joy of our lives. Touch wood and Amen!

There is a lot of social, parental conditioning to be unlearnt in this regard and a joyous journey of knowledge with our children to be undertaken. I know to be joyous as I have begun to question many of my beliefs, confront many common fears originating from my school experience (such as the fear of numbers, fear of being laughed at, fear of being singled out, fear of failure - owing to competitive fish-bowl schooling system) which still influence my life. When I rediscover the world of practical knowledge with my child, I experience the joy of learning vis-a-vis the burden of having to learn.

This desire to learn and natural curiosity is fundamental to being human kind points out Mastergaru. It is fundamental to leading a fulfilling, satisfying life. And therefore it is fundamental to spirituality. And when we go about our routinely busy lives, book travel in order to escape boredom or be 'in', plan to enjoy, plan the birth of our children,  plan sick leave  ...........!!