Saturday, June 30, 2012

In the holy presence of Avadhuta Chivatam Amma

Avadhuta Chivatam Amma aradhana utsavam was on June 10th this year (Jyestha Suddha Saptami). According to Pujya Mastergaru, since the purpose of Lord Dattatreya's advent on earth was to  uplift humankind (to show them the purpose of life and help them achieve it), he reincarnates again and again in the form of great saints of all religions. Avadhuta Chivatam Amma is one such mahatma who is one of the mahatamas whom Pujya Mastergaru took darshan of and thus introduced to us. Do read a special article 'Amma - Mastergaru' published in Sai Baba (Telugu) Magazine in June 2010 to commemorate this occasion. 

Chivatam Amma was born as Achamma to Sri Marisetti Bhadrayya and his first wife (name unkown) in the village Relangi, 8 miles from Chivatam. When still very young, she was married to Sri Garaga Anjayya and when she was about twenty years old she gave birth to a son, named Suranna. 

Chivatam is a small village, on the banks of river Gosthani, two miles from the town Tanuku, in the East Govadari district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Amma's husband was fruits and vegetables vendor who used to often come home drunk and beat her. Despite this ill-treatment, Amma would remain calm, perform labour jobs around the village and out of that provide food to her family. As if she was aware that her troubles were owing to past karma, Amma never complained. Even within her meagre means, she always gave away to the needy. She loved children and often invited the village children home to eat. In whatever spare time she found, she used to sing bhajans and visit the temple of Lord Rama.

Then one day, as if her she had paid her dues to wordly life, Amma left home and went away to a nearby village and starting spending her time in cementries and other uninhabited places performing meditation. She would lose complete outer consciousness and not take even food and water. She was in such a supreme state that she easily became a 'digambara'. Numerous miracles started manifesting of their own accord.

Let us recall some of her invaluable sayings:

1. One should sit under a tree which does not bear fruit.
2. Meditation is like a golden fruit, there is nothing greater than meditation
3. A life without yoga is totally wrong.
4. I and Lord Rama are not different.
5. One should have patience, patience is God.

Source: Avadhuta Chivatam Amma's standard biography by Smt.Sarada Vivek, in Telugu, published by Guru Paduka Publications, Ongole.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ammagari Sannidhi

Shirdi Sai Baba promised his devotees, " My tomb will speak and move with those who make Me their sole refuge. I shall be active and vigorous from the tomb also"; " My name will speak; My mutti (dust) will reply". The same applies to Datta avatara Pujya Ekkirala Bharadwaja. Yet, when Divyajanani Alivelu Mangamma's daily darshan in person is not available to us any longer, we feel the absence. At troubled times, our misery at this seeming inaccesibility comes to the fore. If the latter is true then what about Baba's promise? What about his omniscience and omnipresence?

Indeed we don't even know to lament like Naamadharaka in Sree Guru Charitra,, "' Oh, all-knowing one don't you know me? Oh witness of the whole universe, don't you see me? Oh! all pervading one don't you hear my cry... If you have listened to my cries, why does my misery persist?'

If we at Nagole feel like this, then what to say of those why struggle daily to just get a glimpse of the divine persona of Ammagaru, say once in a year? But it is our own silly minds that betray us as Babugaru and Smt. Vedamma painstakingly remind us. Every minute, every second we fail to remember Them, but not They.
Why do we have numerous photos, audios and videos and books?  As if that was not enough, every month we can hear their voice afresh through the Sai Baba Magazine started for us by Pujya Mastergaru in 1983, out of his unbounded compassion. In fact,in  the June issue Divyajanani Pujya Ammagaru answers our call, in the aptly timed article, 'Abhayapradata' (the granter of fearlessness/the protector).  Mastergaru again reaches out to us in the article, ' Sadhakanuki Tatvagnanam ento avasaram'... (Understanding Tatvam is of utmost importance to a Sadhaka)
As they say, how can we be sadhakas, how can we achieve anything, if our minds are always tossed about by daily ups and downs in life? Let us read, Sai Baba Magazine and find peace in  Ammagaru and Mastergaru's eternal presence (sannidhi).