Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ammagari Sannidhi

Shirdi Sai Baba promised his devotees, " My tomb will speak and move with those who make Me their sole refuge. I shall be active and vigorous from the tomb also"; " My name will speak; My mutti (dust) will reply". The same applies to Datta avatara Pujya Ekkirala Bharadwaja. Yet, when Divyajanani Alivelu Mangamma's daily darshan in person is not available to us any longer, we feel the absence. At troubled times, our misery at this seeming inaccesibility comes to the fore. If the latter is true then what about Baba's promise? What about his omniscience and omnipresence?

Indeed we don't even know to lament like Naamadharaka in Sree Guru Charitra,, "' Oh, all-knowing one don't you know me? Oh witness of the whole universe, don't you see me? Oh! all pervading one don't you hear my cry... If you have listened to my cries, why does my misery persist?'

If we at Nagole feel like this, then what to say of those why struggle daily to just get a glimpse of the divine persona of Ammagaru, say once in a year? But it is our own silly minds that betray us as Babugaru and Smt. Vedamma painstakingly remind us. Every minute, every second we fail to remember Them, but not They.
Why do we have numerous photos, audios and videos and books?  As if that was not enough, every month we can hear their voice afresh through the Sai Baba Magazine started for us by Pujya Mastergaru in 1983, out of his unbounded compassion. In fact,in  the June issue Divyajanani Pujya Ammagaru answers our call, in the aptly timed article, 'Abhayapradata' (the granter of fearlessness/the protector).  Mastergaru again reaches out to us in the article, ' Sadhakanuki Tatvagnanam ento avasaram'... (Understanding Tatvam is of utmost importance to a Sadhaka)
As they say, how can we be sadhakas, how can we achieve anything, if our minds are always tossed about by daily ups and downs in life? Let us read, Sai Baba Magazine and find peace in  Ammagaru and Mastergaru's eternal presence (sannidhi).

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