Sunday, October 13, 2013

Deeksha Satghoshti (Discussions)

 Yesterday evening Babugaru continued from day before yesterday and spoke on remaining in the correct 'Zone' with regard to our Spiritual practice. That is we neither be in too much of a hurry to reach our goal, nor to complacent. Like the strings of a musical instrument, correct tension has to be maintained to make good music in life. We need to set our practice in such as way as to make it not so easy that we get bored, nor so difficult that it is too difficult to attain.

One of the ways Babagaru suggested to do the above is to refrain from monotony of 'parayana' and open the books randomly to read a few paragraphs/leelas and contemplate on the same. We could see its application in our current behaviour or look for connections or explanations and so forth in our works by Pujya Saimaster or other Mahatmas.

Today I randomly opened Prabodhamritam and came across the following passages.

Ammagaru gave a homework: Think on 'What is spirituality?'