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Some of my favourite photos of Mastergaru & Ammagaru (1980s except the black and white one)

Wordless at the what this image inspires in me

Mixing food to feed us rice balls. Hidden is their tapasic power given freely to us with Love! What of our romantic love in front of This Great Expanse of Love!
Very rare photos Pujya Master and Ammagaru in the yard of their residence at Vidyanagar, Masergaru's tapobhumi (land of tapas)

HE had time for children and time for His work. No irritiation!

Mastergaru appears to be blessing some devotee bowing. Always on the go, no time for stills!

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It is raining Gifts from Heaven - Ammagaru's Songs and Bhajans

Very few know that Ammagaru is great singer, poet, musician and teacher.
The beautiful musical programme on November 9th 2014, Mastergaru's 75th Birthday, woven with Songs on Mastergaru from his divine birth, childhood to maturity written, composed and taught by Ammagaru, Divya Janani Alivelu Manga Thayaru was witness.

Smt. Adidam Vedavathi (Guruputrika) &  team singing Ammagaru's divine compositions

On popular request, these songs and bhajans sung by Ammagaru's daughter, Smt. Adidam Vedavathi and group,  have been released on Saimaster Forums/Sound Cloud and shared with us on Facebook official page 'Acharya Ekkirala Bharadwaja' on the grand occasion of Krutagnata Mahotsavam Aradhana Utsavam (Mastergaru's 25 Mahasamadhi Anniversary)

I have also provided some links below for convenience.

Bharadwaja Baba Priya Tanaya

Sainatha Jai Jai Bharadwaja Jai Jai


Datta Datta  (written by Sri Tembe swami, composed by Pujya Ammagaru)

Jai Sai Master