Thursday, August 15, 2013

On Emptiness - Sri Sai Master - Letters I

Letters are personal by nature. Sri Saimaster's letters available as Sri Saimaster Amrutha Lekhavali (Telugu and English letters) are a beautiful living voice of the Master. In the letter I am sharing below, not only are His words and thoughts profound, from His writing style I can feel the love for the addressee with which he writes, the inclusiveness of that love for all humankind, the precise diagnosis of the complaint, like a brilliant doctor and the clarity and authority of the instruction. How clearly and lovingly He instructs even how to acquire the book... It makes me believe that a spiritual life is possible, the confidence that the 'seeing' He is suggesting we do, can indeed be done by us... Do you feel the same?


PS: I believe there is are some typos in this. Read 'dwell' for 'will', compassion for 'corruption'!

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