3 Things to do- 'Surrender, Serve and Question' II

Rough Translation:
 '...try for jnanam.  In the episode of public disrobing of Draupadi  (in The Mahabharata), when Draupadi tried to save herself on her own, it did not work. But when she recalled Sri Krishna, putting her burdens on him, she obtained protection. Therefore, in that slokam everything is mentioned. Instead of using that slokam to prevent other thoughts from entering his head, if Nana learns from it to surrender, renders service and questions the Sadguru then, he will attain brahmajnana. Hence Baba asked Nana to explain it. Since Nana was unable to do so, Baba himself explained the correct way of doing the above three. If we think a little further, we can understand the origin of The Bhagwatgita. Arjuna has surrendered to Sri Krishna who is the witness to the Lord's nature (cosmic consciousness) within Himself and without i.e. a manifestation of the Lord himself. (On the battlefield) Arjuna is caught up in confusion over his Dharma; what is right and what is wrong and he questions Sri Krishna regarding this ('pariprasna'). Because Arjuna did this, The Bhagwatgita was born. Therefore I understood why Baba is saying that this slokam is so significant.  Thinking further, only this slokam reveals to us how to obtain satva gunam, daivee gunam; that satva gunam, daivee gunam without which yagya, dana, tapas, karma will be meaningless; without which we have no other way, but to obtain which there is  stated no other way, other than the one stated in this slokam only. That is why, Baba explained only this slokam.

Therefore what we have to do in Ammagaru's Sannidhi is clear. 
Jai Sai Master