3 Things to do - 'Surrender to the sadguru, render service and question him...' I

Looking back it is difficult to spot the turning point? How did we happen to eschew the mundanities of our previous life to come into the direct presence of  Mahatmas? The physical move was just a few years ago. But the journey had to have started long, long back with the first introduction, the chance meeting or the accident of being born to devoted parents.

What is our prime duty once we have come to Their presence? 

"Why have you come here?"  That is oft heard question from the Guru Kutumbam. If you do not keep asking yourself this question, this time shall pass like many other  and later we will go back to our previous mundane way of life, perhaps even regretting this time as time wasted. This time in their presence is limited and precious. What is to be our take away, our learning depends entirely on us.

Often having come into their presence, our problems are mostly solved while our desires and dreams continue to belong to our previous state of mind. They are a product of our birth tendencies, family upbringing and social conditioning. So we knowingly or unknowingly create our own universe, based on our likes and dislikes, in their divine presence - very much like a little India or a little Italy abroad. Then we are not learning anything and worse we are self-deluded. 

So what is it that we really have to do now? Today I came across this passage from Sri Saimaster Pravachanalu  (Chapter 25, 'Trigunalu') elaborating on the episode of Baba  questioning Nana Chandorkar on what he was mumbling while sitting in His presence in the Shirdi's Dwarakamayi (pg 224-227, 'The God-man and Tradition', Chapter 14, Sai Baba the Master):