Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Stree Shakti - Nagole women tilling the earth

These photos are from about a year ago. We were charged with tilling hardened garden soil to make three double dig beds. Rubble from the next door construction filled the eastern part of the site while the westerned side got more shade from the southern building and roadside trees. Selecting a suitable area in between (the garden was not a permaculture design garden or with any design for that matter!), we experimented with mixing the base red soil with fresh cowdung to make a sort of thick bed liner. It was downright hard work, what with having to move some large stones as well.

Then the beds were filled in with coco-peat and mixed with more cowdung and watered. After a couple of days of this, we sowed methi for a quick crop. The result was a lustrous bed of green in five days only. Unfortunately, the site was suddenly taken over for development and I could not get the later photos! Perils of urban permaculture :-/.

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