October 2012,  a Sunday

Today is Teerthacharan's birthday and Ammagaru has put in much effort in the last few days to train the Gurukulam children in organizing a great treat for all adults @ Nagole. The programme announced was Sadghosti @ 10:00 am followed by Vinoda karyakram, followed by Prasadam.

In a rare stricture, the gates to Nilayam were closed at 10:00 and latercomers by a minute or two were also not allowed in. It sank my heart to realize that as usual Ammagaru was already at the hall ready to give darshan. But where are the darshaks? We missed the sadghoshti and were allowed in only for the fun programme which sharpened the pain.  At the end, all Ammagaru said in reference to the latecomers was 'Sraddha taggindi (sraddha has decreased)'. (To Babugaru) "weella ki sraddha gurinchi cheppu ( tell them about sraddha)."

Took my mind back to an article on Sraddha by Ammagaru which came in the Sai Baba Patrika a couple of years ago. For us it was an eyeopener. Have to hunt for it. We seem to be moving one step forward ? and three back.

Jai Sai Master