Aug 2012, a Sunday

We as a group seem to be still complacent and obtuse.

Babugaru is again trying to induce some energy and direction to us. He has been providing some pointers in Sadhana which we should aim to achieve by April 12th, 2014 if we want to lead purposeful lives, want a better future for ourselves and our children:

* learn and make your own thread, and fabric and learn to stitch your own clothes. 2 outfits for routine wear and one for special wear should ideally last for 5 years with some repair in between.

* every family - especially members in the age group of eight to thirty should be able to cook individually (alone) for all the remaining 100 people in this group.

* everyone should train themselves to look at Master garu continuously for 5 hours without sleeping or interruption. To strengthen the mind enough for this, we need to practise namam, parayana etc

* reduce our talk to speak only 11 sentences per day within the our family and satsang group. To aim at understanding and practising 'satya - vaak suddhi'.

*sing all the four aaratis daily. And to take a bath before each.

*make 2 hours of satsangam every evening compulsory for ourselves.

*to learn and grow natural, seasonal fruits and vegetables for our own consumption. Kids can do the sowing etc. Adults to help in picking etc.

* in a day, to spend six hours doing physical work which is useful solely to others.

* after practising like this for 12 years only, we can understand the full significance of this way of life.

* If we do the above sincerely, in every family in the next 7 generations will be born a mahatma.

*for the elderly, meditation 24 hours.