Monday, December 12, 2011

Sri Datta Jayanti Mahotsavam

The last month in Nagole has been something like a quiet whirlwind, building silently towards Sri Datta Jayanti Mahotsavam on 10th Dec. As the holy book, Sri Guru Charitra elaborates, the avatar of Lord Dattatreya is unlike other avatars such as Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. 
'...The incarnation of Sree Rama was intended for the destruction of the demon king Ravana. The avatar of Sree Krishna was intended for the annihilation of King Duryodhana and his wicked train. So, after the completion of those missions, Sree Rama and Sree Krishna had cast off their physical bodies and left for their heavenly abode. But the avatar of Dattatreya was intended for the welfare of all creatures. As this mission has to be carried out as long as creation exists, he does not lay down his body and leave for his heavenly realm but goes on wandering from place to place. Thus Dattatreya is the eternal avatar of god's spirit of self-dedication to the salvation of all creatures. He manifests himself perennially as the perfect saints of all religions of the world....' 
Sree Guru Charitra by Pujya Sri Acharya E. Bharadwaja 
 In order to help prepare our minds to commemorate his  momentous advent on earth, to revisit the purpose of our  lives,  Pujya Ammagaru advised that Dhuni puja should be performed for eleven consecutive days leading up to the main day. It is perhaps the first time in recent years that this kind of Deeksha has been given. The Dhuni Puja was performed at Ammagaru's Sivapuri, Nagole residence after the  daily evening satsangam wherein the 108 parayanas (in preparation for great celebration of Master Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja Maharaj Krutagnataa Mahotsavamu Feb 8, 2013 - Oct 30, 2014) is in progress.  With Pujya Mastergaru's and Divyajanani Ammagaru's grace, our Satsangam group was able to attend the puja continously. 

The release of the Braille edition of Sri Sai Leelamrutham by Divyajanani Alivelu Mangathayaru garu is another historic mile-stone in Sri Shirdi Sai tava pracharam taken up as a life-work by Pujya Mastergaru.

With Pujya Sai Master's blessings, we are able to avail the video of the entire Sri Dattajayani Mahotsavam celebrations. This is a treasure to savour for all times. Note the profound and melodious Mangalam song sung towards the end by Smt. Adidam Vedavathi, which is a composition of Pujyasri Ammagaru.

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