2011 Snapshots - New Year , Sankranthi, Kanya Tulasi Puja

In just a few hours another revolution of the earth around the sun would be complete. Even the earth (supposed to be all matter only) has the sense not the leave the source of light and life - giving energy. And the moon is our faithful satellite. Howcome the most intelligent species of this world (including yours truly) does not have the sense to perform pradakshina to the Guru every single second????

In this post and the next few I am going to post snaps of some key events in Nagole calendar 2011, in the holy presence of Pujya Mastergaru and Ammagaru. Please do bear with my inadequate blogging skills.

In the photos - first New Year celebrations 2011, Sankranthi pandaga, Collecting flower bulbs etc. from the International horticulture expo and Kanya Tulasi puja.