Vinayaka Chavithi Subhaakaanshalu + Babugaru's Facebook post on meaning of 'Ganapati'

Re-sharing my most favorite part of Permaculture design manual. This is so close to the concept of 'Ganapathi' (the lord of the concept of diversity - Gana means countable, diverse) and 'Gajanana' (Ga+Ja+aanana, the one whose facade is all that 'moves' and 'changes' and 'events' and one who is behind it all) that it is an appropriate share the day after Vinayaka Chaviti. So far, this is the closest any system (that deals with the physical and the mundane aspects of life) has gotten to the highest spiritual ideal as presented by the Vedas. Democracy and marxism pale before the level of ideal presented by this book regarding humans and the world at large. If you have not yet, do purchase permaculture design manual. It costs about 12000 rs., and is well worth every rupee. Yes it is costly, by the way. But I would sell a gold ring to buy that book without blinking an eye. Literally worth its weight in gold in my opinion. By my experience, the highest rating for books in my opinion goes to books by Mahatmas, the likes of Vivekananda, Ramana Bhagavan, Potana bhagavatam, Yoga vasishtyam, patanjali Yoga sutras, etc. Second place goes to books by fritjoff capra, "my experiments with truth" by Mahatma Gandhi, and Permaculture design manual. And most other books come next. Fashion apparel last but one place after almost all other things, and movies are last in terms of where to spend money.