Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mastergaru's Birthday function as per tithi - 9th November 2013

On 30th Oct 2013, Mastergaru's birthday function was in progress. Babugaru requested Sadghoshti by Ammagaru. In the course of her talk, unexpectedly Ammagaru, declared Nov 9th, Mastergaru's birthday as per tithi, an open day. She announced that this was a private celebration Ammagaru, had since the very beginning conducted at home exclusively. However, this year all were welcome. That is, Ammagaru invited personally every devotee of Master to come, be part of the family!!!

This amazing declaration set in motion the form of the days to come. Immediately on the 31st Babugaru, spoke to different devotee groups representatives at Hyderabad about ways in which they could contribute to and participate in the event. Nagoleites were concerned about stepping up the scale of auditorium/stage and other arrangements. Another opportunity to better ourselves and create an event worthy of the Master!

On the eve of the 9th, there was something of the calm before a storm. The ladies prepared chappatis and curry to boost the guys working through the night. The younger children were cooperative without having to be told. After the Shej aarati, usually silence pervades. But not this night, in the quiet of the night, within the white cloth walls of the Tent erected for the function, a hum of joyous voices could be heard.  Babugaru sat in front of the dias on his coffee-coloured bean bag and surrounded by the Boys designed and directed.

The chill of November nights was slowly seeping. Masses and masses of flowers were brought in for the alankaram (decoration). It took more than a dozen people to merely unbox the flowers and soak them in water to keep them fresh for the next day. 

Babugaru sat admist all the durries, lights and other stage paraphernalia. While a few guys worked on hanging up rows and rows of round, coloured paper lamp shades, Babugaru sketched out The Plan. Others chipped in excited. There were to be two daises. The one in the front for the morning and another behind to be unveiled in the evening. We ladies were to prepare simple bouquets to attach the stage background randomly. At the very top there would a thick panel of bouquets and grass. The latter alone took half the night. 

The morning birds began to chirp. The cold began to sting a little. A few people, who had gone back at night to rest, drifted in now, freshly washed and dressed and wondering at the progress. Others got busy with the regular morning chores - washing the yard & steps of Ammagaru's residence and  drawing powder rangoli designs. Ah! miraculously with Babugaru's encouragement and presence, all the work appeared done. Then the hunting for brooms!began to furiously clear up the area in readiness for guests. 

And there was an important task remaining. Master Himself had to be readied for event. Standing up on tables a few of us got the wonderful opportunity to apply tilakam to Master on this auspicious day and arrange a huge rose garland and flowers. At 6 am, just as the strains of the morning aarati could be  heard, Master ascended the stage.

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