Gangapur and Maniknagar Yatra with Divyajanani April 2013

This is one yatra where all the memories are in the heart and where I went sans camera. Go here posts on May 15th and 16th 2013 for a beautiful photostory.

This yatra was special and a first in many many ways. Our community living, while cooking our own food on efficient wood stoves under the expert guidance of Ammagaru and Babugaru is making waves in the world of Permaculture!  An auto-driver driving us back from a nearest town to Maniknagar was obilivious to the greatness of the 'jiva - samadhi' pf Sri Manik Prabhu which he passes by every day but was struck that  our group of 80+ people (20 +families) including young children seem to have happily left behind the 'madding crowd', jobs et al to come to this quiet place where literally racoons and peacocks rule the roost.

Every evening the abhangs chosen for every day of the week by the Mahatmas, are played on the temple premises. They take one to the world of complete peace.


Note - more posts later as I relive the memories