Friday, October 7, 2011

Divyajanani Alivelu Mangatayaru gari Jayanti Utsavam

Once I met a colleague and fellow avid-reader in the office elevator. He commented on the latest management books I was carrying and this led to a brief lively discussion comparing authors. Before he left he said, 'All that is fine but we don’t really apply it, do we? Then one book is as good as the other!'. 

On the occasion of Ammagaru’s birthday on 1st Oct, 2011, Nagole-ites gathered to put up a puja pandal and decorated the stage for Ammagaru. In the holy presence of Sri Dattatreya, Sri Sai Baba and Sri Saimaster gracing us in the form of their photos, the morning  and afternoon were dedicated to a very timely parayana (devout study) of  Sri Saimaster Pravachanamulu (a collection of  teachings from the speeches)  by Paramapuja Acharya Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja. In this unique and invaluable book to any aspirant, Mastergaru has delineated the mindset of a seeker, the relation between the guru and the sishya, the path a seeker should take to mould herself, the meaning of several key terms and concepts - nishta, saburi, dakshina, sadguru seva, satgrantha patana, satsang etc. For more on this book and a link to read online, visit 

When evening came, after the Shirdi arati, everyone looked forward to getting a glimpse of Pujya Ammagaru. After Ammagaru was welcomed onto the dias, Babugaru (Ekkirala Dwarakanath Jnaneswar) reminisced about Mastergaru, literally bringing his look and voice alive in our minds and his loving presence in our hearts. Explaining that the spiritual connection is the reason why the Master invokes such response in our hearts, Babugaru also elaborated how practices of spiritual initiation all over the world, try to give the sadhaka a glimpse of what he is seeking to achieve. 

When requested to bless us with a few words of wisdom,  Ammagaru started in a lighter vein and went on to say that the only way for us to achieve success in this life and beyond, is actually applying what Mastergaru has in deed done and shown us through his own life.

Ammagaru explains Mastergaru’s ‘Deeksha‘, his ‘Karya Nishta’, which we all need to imbibe. To avail Pujyasri Ammagaru’s darshan and listen to this invaluable speech yourself, click here
We came away feeling greatly inspired to persevere in our positive efforts.

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